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The Gate

Acid&Pearls is a Las Vegas based Rock, Modern Rock power trio. On Bass is Scotty Griffin, on Drums Kevyn Kelley, with Jeau James on Guitar and Vocals.  A&P has just dropped a new release titled "You Need To Be With Me - EP".

We earn new fans one listener at a time and appreciate the opportunity to present the new EP to you trusting you like what you hear. If you do please hip all your music-listening friends to what Acid&Pearls is doing.  Please feel free to listen to and download the EP by clicking JAMS or, through these links: or  . We appreciate you vibing with and empowering the project while hoping to be before you soon in concert jamming tracks from "You Need To Be With Me - EP".

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Please join our mailing/contact list, below or: We will keep you in the loop with goings-on with A&P.

This is Rock, Groove, Power.

Peace and Happiness to You.




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