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This is an excerpt of a print interview Jeau conducted in American Pride Magazine, January 2017. Link to full interview is below.


by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Jeau James (Guitarist, Singer, Song-Writer) of Acid&Pearls

The Story behind “You Need To Be With Me”
Having lived in Las Vegas, all lights and glitter, and having played in cover bands earning a living in some of the upper-echelon Casinos it was inevitable to have some of the aspects. Of the “high-life” rub off on me. I thought of how I see myself as active participant and “You Need To Be With Me” was born. The power of our band Acid&Pearls helped me bring the excitement to reality.

 You Need To Be With Me:
This is a real rock band, and we brought the performances out of “the box” in the digital recording domain when we could. There are obvious advantages to rolling it all up in the box, particularly having access to a studio like FunkLab2 (owned by A&P drummer, Kevyn Kelley). He has packed some very powerful tools into a relatively small space; we were cautiously geeked-up about getting down with what he has going on, there.

However, for this jam we did utilize JetSet Studio, operated by our pal Victor James, to document the power of my guitar coming through two Marshall full-stacks. Once I got what I wanted there, we retreated to Funklab2 to complete all instrument and vocal performances and sweetening for “You Need to be With Me”.

The impact of rock music has been somewhat eroded (not going negative, just saying) by homogeneity of presentation, sounds, approach. The first thing you may notice about A&P is the fact we’re an ethnically mixed outfit. A lot of people have forgotten or continue to choose to attempt ignorance of the true, factual history of Rock. Rhythm&Blues – and particularly, what is known as the “1/4/5” Blues has served as the backbone and foundation of the success of some of the greatest rock bands in history.

This foundation was conceived and birthed here, in the USA. It continues to feed certain music endeavors, including Acid&Pearls; this heritage is something we’re proud of and hope to celebrate openly, sometimes loudly. We are moving forward with minimal filtration of what makes me what and who I am on Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting. This honesty is where each one of us is coming from; our disparate origins is the amalgam in the performances in these recordings.

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